What is Student Success?

The Waterloo Catholic District School Board is committed to preparing students for life in the community, and the world of work.  With the gift of Catholic faith, our students are nurtured in their journey to become discerning believers; effective communicators; reflective, holistic thinkers; self directed, responsible, life long learners; and responsible citizens.  WCDSB continues to work with community partners and organizations to provide students with the skills they need for success and fulfillment in their lives beyond secondary school.

The Student Success initiative is instrumental in developing new opportunities for students to discover their potential and experience success. Students choose from many different pathways, and our goal is to lead them to success, whether they choose to go directly to the workplace, community living, university, college, or an apprenticeship after high school.    Parents, teachers and principals want all students to be happy and fulfilled as they grow towards adulthood, to feel recognized, appreciated and celebrated, to find meaning, honour and dignity in the choices they make, and to find a match between their gifts and the opportunities that exist for them. (An Educator's Guide to Program Pathways)
This is what Student Success is all about.

For additional information about Student Success contact us at the
Waterloo Catholic District School Board at (519) 578-3660.