Pathways - Choosing Your Program Pathway

All students eventually enter the workplace.  Having said this, there are many pathways
that lead to that ultimate destination.  Students may choose a secondary school
program pathway that prepares them for direct entry to:  apprenticeship programs,
college of applied arts and technology programs, community living, university programs,
or the workplace.  Within each of these broad categories, comprehensive program
pathways provide opportunities for students to consider multiple occupations within the
same sector or industry and open doors to multiple postsecondary destinations.  They
challenge students to explore and investigate each field. (An Educator’s Guide to
Program Pathways, 2005)

The opportunities are limitless, and there are many occupational sectors that students will have the chance to investigate.  Course selection and pathways present the student with many choices.  Remember that everyone is different and should take courses that will meet their individual learning needs.  “Students can maximize engagement, build confidence, and plan for success by personalizing their program pathway to include courses from all disciplines and designations.” (An Educator’s Guide to Program Pathways, 2005)

Click here for a chart to help you choose your program pathway:

Program Pathways Chart - Pathway to Your Future